RAS Watch Helps Businesses Get Back to Work with Launch of Contact Tracing Service

LOS ANGELES, June 16, 2020 — RAS Watch, the first of its kind managed service operations and risk mitigation center, announced today the launch of its contact tracing service to proactively identify and trace infectious disease outbreaks, such as COVID-19, within a business. The service combines the power of the RAS Watch best-in-class remote monitoring services technology, targeted communications and emergency response, along with trained contact tracers, to mitigate the spread of infection across an organization.

As part of the new service, RAS Watch and its certified partner channel can work with organizations on best practices and to coordinate communications between employees when exposure or presumed exposure is identified to isolate, notify and reduce the risk of outbreak. RAS Watch uses software technologies to streamline this process, as well as maintain compliance with relevant government-issued regulations.

RAS Watch security operators are certified as contact tracers through the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, which empowers them to communicate with people infected with COVID-19, identify those who may have been exposed and provide these individuals with guidance to limit the spread of the disease. RAS Watch uses traditional investigative techniques, combined with technology and industry databases, to source information for unknown individuals to continue the contact tracing process.

“Private businesses and public entities have to find a way to protect their people from the threat that the COVID-19 outbreak brings to global operations, and contact tracing is an essential component of that effort as more and more people return to work,” said Ryan Schonfeld, Founder and CEO, RAS Watch. “RAS Watch is well positioned to offer this service as part of its comprehensive tools and analytics methods that aim to transition companies from being more reactive to proactive in the pursuit of protecting people from the kinds of threats that we’re seeing today and will continue to see in the future.”

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RAS Watch, part of RAS Security Group, is the first of its kind managed service operations and risk mitigation center in the security space, offering companies the opportunity to benefit from a Fortune 100-level security program without having to invest major capital, allocate real estate or manage a comprehensive operation. The RAS Watch suite of services uses state-of-the-art tools designed to protect a company’s people, assets and brand, providing actionable intelligence in real-time through a service-based security program model. For more information, visit www.RASWatch.com


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