Incorporating intelligence into SOCs: RAS Watch Works with Captis Intelligence

Security Operations Centers (SOCs) are about far more than managing real-time events and decision-making; they also are a source for law enforcement to gather more data points and glean enough information when an incident occurs. The ability to bring information from a number of sources into a centralized platform of an SOC has long been difficult to do; but there are companies beginning to examine new ways of going about this and canceling out all of the extemporaneous “noise” that plagues SOCs. 

When examining pieces of the data puzzle, however, intelligence-driven software is commonplace within an SOC. RAS Watch recently partnered with Captis Intelligence to use the company’s On-Demand Subject Intelligence (ODSI) to help provide post-incident intelligence through its integrated platform. But the technology is cutting-edge. 

Four years ago, Captis began building a database of more than 35 million criminals from legal, open-source public records, including bankruptcies and criminal records, using the Freedom of Information Act. Captis then build a face-matching engine that bridges the gap between surveillance and identification. Linked to an organization’s surveillance cameras, the software can be used to identify subjects within a video. 

For more than 70% of cases, a lack of resources leaves many incidents without proper investigation. Unless it’s a high-profile crime, this means that so many thefts, burglaries, assaults, vandalism, and others go unsolved. Captis hopes to change that number to help more businesses aid in investigations when something happens. The Captis platform takes the clip from video footage and automatically scans the subjects for face matches. Then, that information can be turned over to the authorities for a greater likelihood of prosecution. 

RAS Watch works with Captis to help its clients with post-incident investigations, which offers another layer of security in addition to 24/7/365 security oversight. Want to learn more about RAS and how our SOC can help your business? Click here. 



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