Defining the Benefits of Remote GSOC Services

Organizations across the globe are more focused on security than ever before and with good reason. The recent pandemic situation and protests around the globe have affected various businesses, government entities, transit networks, and critical infrastructure sites. At the same time, traditional security risks, such as workplace violence, terrorism, and insider threats, continue to evolve, while cybersecurity risks have become more prevalent than ever. These threats make it clear that the stakes are high and as the impact on an organization rises, the need for real-time, predictive response increases.

The digital world has opened the door to a flurry of incoming data, and business leaders need new and effective ways to capture information and then leverage it to make the most informed decisions. The fusion of technology and internal collaboration has created a surplus of information and users seek to gain more insights to enhance security, modernize datacenter environments, and optimize business operations alike.

With an influx of data and connected devices comes more challenges. Operational technology, information technology, and physical security devices on the network are potential risks, and therefore security needs to be looked at holistically since it can be difficult to determine where an attack may originate. At the same time, organizational convergence is just as important. Cyber, IT, and traditional security teams need to combine forces to enhance risk mitigation.

At the same time, your business has to transform itself by moving away from responsive behaviors and seek ways to manage security to get ahead of threats, prevent them before they happen, and respond to them in real time. But does your team have time and the expertise to manage this all, while keeping an eye on the future of how security affects the business?

Remote GSOC
The mission of any global security operations center is to support security and businesses globally. These centralized security centers leverage intelligent tools, standard operating procedures and proven analytic methods to provide business leaders with the information and guidance necessary to mitigate issues before they can have a significant impact on your business.

But what if your business isn’t designed to have this type of security set-up? What if budgets are limited or time is an issue?

Enter: the remote GSOC — an integrated, holistic response center staffed by experienced operators and security experts who deliver a comprehensive management of security threats. This approach, made possible through cloud services, is designed to provide your business with comprehensive data about what is happening across your infrastructure and how events can impact the business as a whole. Remote GSOC services deliver the security intelligence you need, without the high overhead, personnel investments and complex daily management.

For those businesses that are looking to supplement their security operations with additional manpower but may not have the budget or infrastructure to do so, remote GSOC services are something you should consider. You and your business will be more empowered to be more efficient, effective, and proactive, all of which are traits that are much needed in today’s ever-evolving risk environment. Security is a complex challenge, making it more critical than ever to bring the best of the best to the table to help your ensure a coherent and cohesive security action plan.

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